Today, I participated in Free Consultation for Foreign Residents held at Kokubunji in Tokyo.

This is an event where foreign residents can consult with professional expert for free. Topics includes wide range of issues, for example, legal problems such as visa and resident status issues, as well as marriage and divorce matters, etc.; labor issues; insurance, pension and taxation issues; housing and contractual trouble, etc.
In addition to the English, Chinese, Korean, Indonesian, Tagalog, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish were supported by volunteer interpreters.

I joined in as a tax accountant and provided advices regarding tax and social insurances, for example, what will happen to the individual income tax and social insurance if the foreign residents move to the other country or go back to their home country.

These free consulting are held sometimes held at the different places. However, as these are not well-known. If you do not want to miss it, please check below website.

Tokyo International Communications Committee