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Income Tax Return for Individuals

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For foreign nationals in Japan, the tax treatment needs special consideration on the following items: income from real estate owned overseas, international school expense, donation, housing allowance, home-leave, etc.
There are many cases in which they fail to file a return or have unpaid tax without realizing. Moreover, some are missing a chance to get refund which could have been received if filed.


Since Japanese tax system is complex, it is advisable to consult with a professional.


Contents of Services

  • Prepare income tax return
  • Support accounting planning when posted overseas
  • Advices on applying provisions of tax treaties
  • Tax administrative agent
  • Support tax inspection

If you are living abroad but have income (from real estate, etc.) in Japan, the tax office requires you to appoint a tax administrative agent as the contact person.


Need to file a return if you…

  • Have annual income of ¥20 million or more
  • Receive salaries from multiple entities
  • Receive income of ¥200,000 or more from a side job
  • Have income from real estate
  • Sold securities
  • Sold land or building
  • Received ¥1.1 million or more by gift
  • Have income overseas

If you meet any of the above conditions, you are very likely be required to file a return.

Get tax refund in filing if you…

  • Have medical expense \100,000 or more, totaled by a family
  • Paid tax overseas
  • Donated
  • Purchased home with a loan
  • Sold your own home

If you meet any of the above conditions, your tax will likely be lower by utilizing the benefits listed below in a tax return


Example of deduction from income and tax credit

Deduction for medical expenses

If the medical expense is \100,000 or more in a year, the excess of \100,000 can be deducted from income.

Credit for foreign tax

If you paid tax equivalent to income tax overseas, the amount you paid can be deducted from income tax in Japan.

Deduction for donations

Donations to national or local government, NPO, and political organization are deductible to a certain amount from income. Hometown tax is also tax-deductible.

Credit for housing loan

If you purchased a home, using housing loan, you can receive a credit for income tax for 1% of loan amount (a certain condition is required).

Special provision on selling your home

Gains from sales of residential real estate is tax-free up to \30 million with certain conditions.


*You may enjoy those preferential treatments in a tax return.



Prepare individual income tax return

Basic fee ¥100,000 + Additional fees based on types of income and deduction (See the table below as a reference)

The fee usually ranges from ¥150,000 to ¥200,000 for most of our clients.


(before tax)

Basic Fee
Basic Fee ¥100,000
Additional Fees (Addition based on client’s situation)
Business income (side job, etc.) From ¥50,000
Income from real estate in Japan From ¥50,000
Income from dividend From ¥10,000
Profit from the sales of shares From ¥10,000
Retirement income From ¥10,000
Miscellaneous income (pension, online auction) From ¥10,000
Deduction for medical expenses From ¥10,000
Deduction for donations From ¥10,000
Credit for housing loan (applied for the first year) From ¥25,000
Credit for housing loan (applied for the second year and after) From ¥5,000
Credit for foreign tax From ¥30,000

Fee example

Employment income ¥25 million, income from real estate ¥1.5 million, dividend income ¥50,000

Basic fee ¥100,000 + Additional fees (income from real estate ¥50,000 + dividend income ¥10,000) = Total ¥160,000

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