Used-goods merchant license is required to

– Purchase used goods and sell
– Purchase used goods, repair and sell
– Purchase used goods and selling the parts
– Purchase used goods and lend out
– Purchase used goods and export

In summary, used goods merchant license are necessary to purchase used goods for resale purpose.

To get used good merchant license, you need to apply to police station. Police want check whether the applicant will not be buying and selling the stolen goods.
It will take about 40 days to get license after the application.

Used goods merchant license is not require for

-Selling your own properties
-Selling the goods given for free
-Purchases goods overseas and sell in Japan
-Buying back the goods you sold

There are 13 products types under the license and you need to notice the police which product type you will be dealing with.

1. Art and antique
2. Cloth
3. Watch and jewelry
4. Car
5. Motorcycle
6. Bicycle
7. Office supplies
8. Camera and optical instrument
9. Machine and tool
10. Furniture and other tools
11. Leather and rubber good
12. Book
13. Gift certificate and ticket