Before starting your business, you must file documents for tax registration, social insurance registration, visa application and business licenses.

For example, business licenses are required to start the following businesses:
-Used goods dealer
-Temporary personnel agency
-Building construction
-Real estate agency
-Travel agency, hotel business
-Lodgers (Minpaku)

Let’s talk about starting restaurant in Japan. Restaurant includes, for example, Italian restaurant, Sushi-resturant, Lunch box (Bento), Café, Cafeteria, Bar etc. In general, business license for restaurant is required for cooking and serving for the customers

To get business license for restaurant, you need to apply for the Health Center. There are two types of requirements.

1.Restaurant must be equipped with necessary facilities
2.Restaurant must have a food sanitation supervisor

The restaurant must be equipped with the bath sink, separation between kitchen and dining hall, floor and wall in the kitchen area, hand wash basins in the kitchen and restroom, refrigerator and cupboard with door.

You need to check the property before renting.

To become a food sanitation manager, you need to attend the training session for one day, you can get a certificate.