There are so many types of licensed professional in Japan. Today, I will talk about what they are doing.

Certified public accountant (会計士 Kaikeishi)
Tax accountant (税理士 Zeirishi)
Lawyer (弁護士 Bengoshi)
Judicial scrivener (司法書士 Shihoshoshi)
Administrative scrivener (行政書士 Gyoseishoshi)
Patent attorney (弁理士 Benrihishi)
Social insurance consultant (社労士 Sharoushi)

“士 (shi)” means “Samurai” in Japanese.

Licensed professional is also called as “士 (shi)”
For example, lawyer is 弁護士(Bengo-shi), and CPA is 会計士(Kaikei-shi)

1. CPA
CPA’s main job is auditing financial statement.
If the capital amount is 500 million yen or more or total amount of liability is 20 billion yen or more, the company needs financial audit. Only CPA can do financial audit in Japan.

2. Tax accountant
The following services are only allowed to the licensed tax accountant.
1) Tax agency
-Submit tax returns on behalf of tax payer
-Attendance on tax audit
2) Preparation of tax related documents
-Tax returns
-Notification / Appreciation to the tax office
3) Tax consulting

3. Lawyer
Lawyer can do all kinds of legal works but fee is very expensive. There are other types of license holders who provide services for specific fields with reasonable fees.

4. Judicial scrivener (司法書士 Shihoshoshi)
1) Registration at legal affairs of bureau
-Establishment of a company
-Ownership transfer of the land
2) Law suite for small amount (less than 1.4 M yen)
-Refund of rental deposit
-Refund of overpaid interest for loan

5. Administrative scrivener (行政書士 Gyoseishoshi)
1) Prepare administrative documents to the governmental office
-Business license (restaurant, secondhand dealer, constructions)
2) Prepare documents to establish a company
*Registry at the legal affairs bureau is not allowed for administrative scrivener. Only allowed for lawyer and judicial scrivener.

4. Patent attorney (弁理士 Benrishi)
Prepare the documents and apply for patents

5. Social insurance consultant (社労士 Sharoushi)
1) Human resource consultant
2) Prepare documents related to the social insurance -Health insurance, Pension, Labor insurance, unemployment insurance
3) Applications for subsidy from Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry