Next step is opening a company’s bank account.

It takes some time to open the company’s bank account if the company is recently established.

The Japanese bank will check whether the company is really doing a business. For example, if your register company’s address at the virtual office, Japanese bank will hesitate to open the bank account. Company’s bank account is often used for fraud or money laundering so the bank need to check the back ground of your company.

It might be helpful if your company has website, company brochure and invoices etc.

There are two types of banks in Japan.

1. Mega Bank (e.g. Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ, Mitsui Sumitomo)
2. Local Bank (e.g. Kanagawa Bank, Shinkin)

The Mega Banks has more strict standards for screening to open the bank account. If Mega Banks refused to open the bank account, please visit local banks. After you continues your business for a while, you can open the bank account at Mega Banks.